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Precision Pest Control offers specialized pest management services for both residential and commercial clients in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, adeptly handling the city's distinct pest challenges such as seasonal variations in pests and issues unique to older, urban structures. Our localized approach in Pittsburgh ensures effective, environmentally responsible solutions tailored to the specific needs of this historic and varied urban landscape.

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At Precision Pest Control, we're deeply familiar with Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a city with a rich history and a diverse range of structures, which contributes to its unique pest profile. In Pittsburgh, we commonly tackle pests like ants, spiders, rodents such as mice and rats, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, and stinging insects like wasps and hornets, each thriving in different parts of the city. Our expertise lies in effectively managing these pests, employing environmentally responsible techniques that are specifically tailored to the unique environmental and architectural characteristics of Pittsburgh.

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Qualified and Trained Technicians

At Precision Pest Control in Pittsburgh, our team of licensed and experienced technicians brings unparalleled expertise to every job, ensuring the most effective and safe pest management solutions tailored to the desert climate. Their in-depth knowledge of local pest behavior in the Pittsburgh area, combined with advanced techniques, guarantees not just immediate relief but long-term protection for your home or business.


Proven Track Record and Reviews

Precision Pest prides itself on a long history of satisfied customers in the amazing city of Pittsburgh. We actively seek feedback to continuously improve, and the positive reviews on various platforms speak volumes about our dedication to excellence. New customers in Pittsburghcan feel confident in our services, knowing that many before them have been satisfied.


Eco-Firendly and Safe Solutions

We understand the growing concerns about the Pittsburgh environment and the safety of household members, including pets. Precision Pest Control Pittsburgh adopts an eco-friendly approach, utilizing green products and methods that are safe for the environment, residents, and beneficial insects, yet effective against pests. Our goal is to strike a balance between effective pest control and environmental responsibility.


Transparent Pricing and Guarantee

With Precision Pest Control, there are no hidden costs or surprises. We provide upfront, transparent pricing, ensuring that our clients know exactly what they're getting. Furthermore, we stand by the quality of our work with a Pittsburgh pest control service guarantee. If the pests return within the guarantee period, so do we, and at no extra charge.

Whether it's one of Pittsburgh's common pests like chiggers, mosquitoes, bed bugs, rodents , ants, ticks, german cockroaches, or something we've never seen, we'll handle it safely.

Common Pests Found in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

german cockroaches
bed bugs
and many more!

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Why Precision Pest Control in Pittsburgh?

At Precision Pest Control in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, our name says it all and we love this beautiful city.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with its blend of historic and modern architecture, presents a unique set of challenges for pest management. The city's varying seasons and older buildings create ideal conditions for pests like ants, spiders, and rodents such as mice and rats, which seek shelter and food sources in both residential and commercial properties. Additionally, Pittsburgh's urban environment is conducive to the proliferation of cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, and stinging insects like wasps and hornets. These pests not only cause discomfort and health concerns but can also lead to structural damage, especially in the city's older buildings.

Precision Pest Control is renowned as Pittsburgh's leading pest management service, thanks to our tailored strategies that are specifically designed for the city's unique pest challenges. Our approach combines the latest, eco-friendly pest control methods with a deep understanding of Pittsburgh's specific environmental and architectural factors. Our team of experts is highly trained in innovative techniques to effectively manage and prevent pest infestations, focusing on both immediate eradication and long-term prevention. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and our specialized knowledge of Pittsburgh's pest landscape make Precision Pest Control the top choice for residents and businesses seeking a reliable and effective pest control solution.

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Our Commitment to Pittsburgh's Health and Safety

In an industry where health and safety are paramount, the Pittsburgh Precision Pest Control team stands as a beacon of excellence. Our unwavering commitment to integrating the highest standards of health and safety into every facet of our pest control business not only protects our customers and their environments but also sets a benchmark in the pest control industry. As a leader in Pittsburgh, Precision Pest Control continuously innovates and adopts best practices to ensure the utmost safety and health compliance.

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Our Commitment to Health and Safety

How much to manage pests at your home in Pittsburgh, PA?

How can our Pittsburgh pest control team help you?

Here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania we encounter more than our share of pests. From german cockroaches, chiggers, ticks, mosquitoes, ants and cockroaches to disease spreading mosquitoes and wood destroying termites, whatever your pest problems are, our Pittsburgh Pest Control team can help. Whether it's the comfort of your Pittsburgh home, the dynamics of a commercial space, or the intricacies of real estate transactions, our specialized team is equipped to handle it all. Here's how our expertise caters to different environments:

Residential pest control

Residential Pest Control

Every Pittsburgh home's pest problem is unique. Which is why, as a leader in residential pest control in Pittsburgh, we utilize the latest technology along with industry leading products to come up with a solution custom to your needs.

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commercial pest control

Commercial Pest Control

Precision Pest offers full service Pittsburgh commercial pest control services to businesses in a wide variety of industries. No commercial property is too big or too small for our industry leading pest control services.

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Pest Control Company in Pittsburgh

Real Estate Pest Control

Our pest control solutions for Pittsburgh HOA's, property managers, realtors and home inspectors, we tailor the solutions to your specific needs. Dedicated customer service with 100% satisfaction guarantee. #1 for a reason!

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Why our team loves Pittsburgh!

The city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is known for its industrial history and modern landscape. Often referred to as “Steel City,” the area has seen countless changes and decades of growth throughout history - from an 18th century fort to the bustling metropolis it is today. Founded in 1758 by colonial traders under British rule, this city was soon marked as a site of economic opportunity with coal-filled ravines and rich mineral resources that would become key industry assets.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has a deep and long-standing history of culture, industry, strength, and progress. Ever since the 18th century when it became an important trading post for English settlers on their way to the frontier of America's western expansion–it has remained a bustling hub of activity that continues to thrive today. Historically referred to as “The Iron City” or “The Steel City” due its prominence in steel production during the Industrial Revolution; Pittsburgh is now recognized for its innovative technology sector which coinciding with diversified industries ranging from finance and education to tourism.

"And Pittsburgh is home to popular sports teams like the Pittsburgh Penguins and Pittsburgh Maulers!"

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Pest Control Practices in Pittsburgh

Precision Pest Control is transforming the Pittsburgh pest control industry through eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Recognizing the environmental impact of traditional methods, we have integrated green solutions into our core business strategy. Our commitment to sustainability not only sets us apart as industry leaders but also reflects our dedication to responsible and environmentally conscious pest management.

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Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Pest Control Practices

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Our Pittsburgh and Surrounding Area Partners

In Pittsburgh, we are a community that consists of great businesses, business owners and customers. It's all about keeping small businesses alive in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Below, we listed our top businesses, so if you're needing a particular service, please check out the businesses below first! Thank you and we appreciate your business.

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