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Top Winter Pest Control Tips for a Bug-Free Home

Winter is around the corner, a time for cooler temperatures. Do you need pest control in winter? Sure thing. It is common for pests like mice to stay active for the entire winter season. Additionally, a home with food sources is an excellent space for pests that go into low energy states to reside. Nonetheless, these winter pest control tips can help you keep the pests away.

Winter Pest Control Tips
Winter Pest Control Tips

1. Store Food In Hard Plastic Containers

This might be the best winter pest control tip on the list since it keeps inactive overwintering pests from becoming active in your home. Usually, bugs diapause in cooler temperature months because their bodies are in a low energy state.

As such, the pest starts to feed on their fat stores to get the energy they need to survive. So the next time you see a stink bug frozen in place or slowly creeping through your curtains in the coming cooler temperatures, know that they are conserving their energy.

Storing food in hard plastic containers ensures the bugs have less to eat, keeping them from scurrying around your home and dive-bombing on your temples and forehead.

2. Don’t Leave Exposed Foods

Pests will stay around your home if they find a stack of dishes with leftover foods in your sink or any other places you commonly have your meals, like your dining area. Instead of leaving these dishes out in the open, opt to place them in the sink with soapy water and soak them until they are cleaned. Besides, this pest control tip will also make dishwashing much more manageable.

3. Cover Your Trash

Your trash is one of the most significant breeding grounds and food sources for pests in your home. So regardless of the location, seal your trash. Get trash bins that don’t have a rocker lid for the best pest control tips since fruit flies can maneuver through them quickly.

Additionally, rocker lids prop open when the trash bin is full. Instead, get a can with a pedal you can use to lift the lid or an easy button to open the track bin.

Winter Pest Control Tips
Winter Pest Control Tips

4. Maintain Cleanliness

The little food crumbs you leave around might seem like nothing, but they are food fests to bugs. As such, once winter is around the corner, start to vacuum regularly and ensure your counters have no sticky residue or free spills. Cleanliness will keep the annoying bugs from climbing out of the wall voids or from the attic and into your living areas.

5. Consult A Pest Control Company

Do you need pest control in winter? Yes. So before the cooler temperatures come into your home, get a pest control company to jump-start on those bugs and rodents. This measure will get rid of any pests that have been in your home since the fall season.

It will also protect your home against an infestation. The best part about consulting a winter pest control company is identifying the issues you cannot see.


For the best pest control tips, eliminate your food sources and adopt preventative measures like maintaining cleanliness and consulting a pest control professional. It sure would be nice to enjoy the coming season without some bugs in your home.

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