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Winter Pests: Preparations to Keep Them at Bay

As you start to unpack your winter boots and jackets because of the colder weather, don’t forget to winterize your house as well and prepare now for winter pests. Most homeowners commonly think of controlling mice, but don’t forget that spiders, raccoons, and cockroaches are winter pests.

All these pests are looking for the warmest spots to stay during the cold weather. But these tips can ensure that the spots they find are not in your home.

Prepare Now For Winter Pests
Prepare Now For Winter Pests

Start With Your Homes Exterior

Once you start learning how to control pests in your home, you’ll discover that the best place to start is the exterior. Why? The pests move from the outside and into your home. Therefore, search your perimeter and look for any gaps, cracks, or holes where pests can get in.

If you find gaps or holes, close them using caulk or a sealant to prevent the pests from getting into your home. The most common place you’ll find cracks and holes is the home’s foundation around the pipes.

Check Your Chimney

Raccoons are a big problem in the cold weather because they pick through garbage, carry diseases, and are excellent at finding ways to enter your home. One method they use to enter your home is to rip away the siding from your house.

The chimney is also a very common space for animals like raccoons, mice, squirrels, and rats to enter your home. Once you start preparing for pest control, place a cap on your chimney to keep these animals outside. You can also cover the chimney with a screen.

Keep Your Gutter Clean

Cleaning your gutters ensures many pets do not have an excellent breeding ground often found in filled and clogged gutters. Mosquitoes and ants especially love the moisture in clogged gutters, and pests like mice and squirrels love the warmth of leaves and other debris.

If you keep your gutters clean, many pets will not find your gutters suitable for habitation or breeding. This will keep them out of your house.

Remove Moisture

Pests thrive in moisture. That is why they love to be in areas with water pools since they get moisture sustenance. How can you keep away winter pests? Instead of freezing your pipes, insulate your plumbing with heat tape to your pipes. This will keep your home from damage and moisture that attracts pests like cockroaches.

Store Food Properly

Preparing your home for winter is not just about the exterior; you need to check and protect the interior of your home as well. And just like water, pests need food. Putting your food away properly will keep pests from nesting in your home.

Put food in sealed containers and store them carefully. Your counters and dining area should be free from food crumbs as well. Sweep your floors after every meal. Outside, any recycling items or garbage should be in animal-proof containers or in a place like a garage where pests cannot get inside.

Prepare Now For Winter Pests
Prepare Now For Winter Pests

Store Firewood Properly

Stacking up your firewood outside your door is not an acceptable way of storing your firewood. Pests love firewood because it is a solid structure for nests, and it provides warmth. So cover firewood using a tarp to prevent any collection of water on the wood that might attract pests to your home.

Additionally, keep the firewood at least 20 feet from your home. This will ensure that any critters that get into the firewood do not make their way into your home.

Remove Clutter

Things like stacks of cardboard boxes, piles of old newspapers, and other junks form clutter where pests like spiders, stink bugs, and mice love to hide. Clutter is also a good place for pests to build their nests. But by removing any clutter in your home, you prevent pests from making a home in your compound. So, remove any interior and exterior clutter from your home.

Contact A Pest Control Service

There is nothing wrong with preparing for exterminator, especially if you don’t know where to start your pest control measures. Besides, an exterminator will remove any active pests and prevent others from getting into your home. Get in touch with a pest control service to get the help you need.

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